i have released one application..

now i have to maintain the document for the released application..

which is the best method to write the information
such as in word,or pdf or excel or
is there any way to keep the document..?

so that every one should know that the new release
application is released .. and they should be updated

i've hosted the previous application and now i have
release the modules in that application ..

now i have inform all the user that we have
released new modules with etc etc features ..

which is the best way to inform the user about newly released application..?

Version update notices are usually maintained by polling an online record of the current version number.

So now you have 2 methods to notify users:

- pop a window from within the application
- send an update invitation by email

Some installer makers include the option of using their ready made version/update checkers.

thanks for replying..

sorry for one more stupid Question

There are two teams hosting team and development team

developers build the software and related document before release

they have the code and document.

now what is the process to that builded project to the hosters i.e hosting department..

means... what are the steps that we should keep in mind

before we give the project to the hosters.....??

Are you talking about an ASP application? I hope, so otherwise you are in the wrong forum.

So your team has written an ASP application which is related to web hosting and you have different members in your team responsible for administrating the hosting?

Yet you are worried about how you can notify clients that an update is available for your application?

yes u got it right its an asp hosting..
i have two folders publish and release folder..
i want to give to the hoster for hosting..

now what is the process to give the publish release
folder to the hosters..

what steps we need to take..