I've looked at all of the lightboxes and I'm not sure if I'm not looking hard enough or if I'm looking in the wrong place.

I'm looking for a plugin that I can use that will allow me to do the following.

Have 1 row of images (about 5 images or so) that will auto scroll to the next image, moving the first image out of view to make room for the next image. It will do this for the whole album (more than 5 images total).

I also want this gallery to allow me to load the picture that the user clicks on in a lightbox (complete with back and next buttons, comment text, etc...).

I've found the second part of this, but I haven't found the first part. I have found solutions that have thumbnails that scroll with a biger image of the selected thumbnail in the background. But I'm looking for the thumbnail piece but with larger images.

I hope this makes sense.

Also, can someone point me to a URL/site that defines the difference between slider, slideshow and gallery? They seem to all be interused on different sites.

Thank You in advance

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This can be done relatively simply using JavaScript and CSS.

As far as the differences, I would define them as follows:
Slideshow would take up a majority of the viewable page, and automatically transition from image to image on a set timer.

A gallery would allow you to view multiple images at once, and select which image you'd like to view in a larger context.

A slider would be similar to both, except more like what your describing you need. The images a laid out side by side, and scroll across the page at a set interval.


Thank you for the definitions. That does clear it up a bit. I'm still in the same predicament however. I've installed a few light box type plugins but can't seem to make them work the way I need. Does anyone have suggestions for what I'm trying to do?

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