I am writing to an Access database by input into a form textfields and click submit
i am receiving a confirming new page that my record is submitted successfully. below the fonfirmation message, there is a hyperlink on the expression "return to the form" that when clicked, i am taken back to an empty form to fill in and submit another record.

I want to return back to the empty form without clicking the hyperlink
automatic go back after 3s - 5s for example.

Here is the code which is auto generated by Frontpage Database wizard to submit the record and display the confirmation message

FP_SaveFormFields fp_rs, arFormFields0, arFormDBFields0

	FP_DumpError strErrorUrl, "Cannot update the database"


	FP_FormConfirmationFromArrays "text/html; charset=windows-1252",_
						"Form Confirmation",_
						"Thank you for submitting the following information:",_
						"Return to the form.",_

End If
End If

Session.CodePage = Session("FP_OldCodePage")
Session.LCID = Session("FP_OldLCID")

<!--#include File='login.asa'-->
    If Session(SiteID) <> true Then
    End If

<% Response.Buffer = True %>

For a timed delay it's best to use JavaScript.

But if you want to return to the submission form, why leave it in the first place, when you can submit to the same form and display the results that it reads from its own request fields... or retrieve the results from the last record added.

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