Hi i am looking for a chat for my webpage, doesnt have to be anything special just a basic chat where members can talk. I need it to be secure too so only members can chat on it and not random guests. Even if you don't have a code, a link or some info on making one would be nice.

Also i am looking for a sign up code. I have the form but i am not good with MSQL and a DB. I have a host that supports all that stuff so all i need to know is how to code it in. Even a full code or tutorial on how to do it would be helpful :)

Thanks for your time :)

Yes you could do it with PHP and AJAX (in order not to reload the page after a second) but avoid it. The recourses cost is unbearable and there are many other ways (and languages) to do it … I will not point one … ;) … but search out there and leave PHP for other things.

a login form shouldnt be tough
if you didnt like just search for login script on google

as for the chat - they are called chat rooms - many such software exist online
a basic idea i can think of for this probably have each entry by a user written out to a db and retrieved by ajax [refresh the content after regular intervals]