Is anybody having idea about bar chart in php.
I need to import the datas from excel sheet into php.
I have created static bar chart.
but i have to create dynamic bar chart .
The datas should be retrieved from mysql or from excel sheet. If anybody knows kindly tell me the solution.

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Hi there, I'd use FusionCharts.

They have great documentation

Your code would be something like this:

      //We've included ../Includes/FusionCharts.php, which contains functions
      //to help us easily embed the charts.
        <TITLE> FusionCharts - Array Example using Single Series Column 3D Chart</TITLE>
        <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript" SRC="../../FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js"></SCRIPT>

         //In this example, we plot a single series chart from data contained
   //in an array. The array will have two columns - first one for data label
   //and the next one for data values.
   //Let's store the sales data for 6 products in our array). We also store
   //the name of products. 
         //Store Name of Products
         $arrData[0][1] = "Product A";
         $arrData[1][1] = "Product B";
         $arrData[2][1] = "Product C";
         $arrData[3][1] = "Product D";
         $arrData[4][1] = "Product E";
         $arrData[5][1] = "Product F";
         //Store sales data
         $arrData[0][2] = 567500;
         $arrData[1][2] = 815300;
         $arrData[2][2] = 556800;
         $arrData[3][2] = 734500;
         $arrData[4][2] = 676800;
         $arrData[5][2] = 648500;
         //Now, we need to convert this data into XML. We convert using string concatenation.
         //Initialize <chart> element
         $strXML = "<chart caption='Sales by Product' numberPrefix='$' formatNumberScale='0'>";
         //Convert data to XML and append
         foreach ($arrData as $arSubData)
         $strXML .= "<set label='" . $arSubData[1] . "' value='" . $arSubData[2] . "' />";
         //Close <chart> element
         $strXML .= "</chart>";
         //Create the chart - Column 3D Chart with data contained in strXML
         echo renderChart("../../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "", $strXML, "productSales", 600, 300, false, true);

Thanks buddy but i need to import data from excel sheet.. Is there any solution for this.

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