I need some quick help, Please! This is probably very simple but I'm making it hard. My code displays 2 totals for a month, this year and last year. But, if the month's record doesn't exist it picks up the year's start total for which I have a simple If statement.

I need it to display an asterisk next to the number if the year's start total is picked up. Is that a Cast?

If isNull(mem09) Then
End If

<tr align="center"><td class="td3" ><%=(church)%></td><td class="td3"><%=(mem09)%></td><td class="td3"><%=(mem10)%><td class="td3" colspan="13" align="center">No report submitted for <%=(moname)%></td></tr><%

Explanation: this code displays 2009's January membership number, say 575 (mem09)

but if there is no record for January, it displays the year's beginning number, say 580 (pyrstartmem)

If it is displaying 580 I need it to say 580*

Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

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If isNull(mem09) Then
mem09 = pyrstartmem & "*"
End If

<tr align="center">
<td class="td3" ><%=(church)%></td>
<td class="td3"><%=(mem09)%></td>
<td class="td3"><%=(mem10)%></td>

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