hey, i started learning javascript programing n i wrote this simple code to test, it isn't working, here's the code :-

<script type="text/javascript">
	function mltest()
	var fnmae=document.myForm.fName.value;
	var mName=document.myForm.mName.value;
	var lName=document.myForm.lName.value;
	var rtxt;
	rtxt="Your full name is : ";
	var finalName="";
<form name=myForm>
Enter First name: <input type=text name=fName /><br />
Enter Middle name : <input type=text name=mName /><br />
Enter last name : <input type=text name=lName  /><br />
<input type=button value="Click to generate some custom text" onClick=mltest() /><br />
<input type=text name=finalName />

This program accepts a data using the input form and then gives an output in the last text form.

Can you tell why it isn't working?

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Line 5, you declare variable 'fname', but in line 10 you use it as 'fName'.

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Line 5, you declare variable 'fname', but in line 10 you use it as 'fName'.

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