Hey Guys,

I have downloaded the http://www.swis.nl/ga/ google analytics class and it is working just fine. It shows a graph of things like pageviews and visitors in a graph per day.

What I want is just a solid number like:

Visitors Last 30 days: 1,2043 | Visitors This Month: 1,434

Pageviews Last 30 days: 20,000 | Pageviews This Month: 24,333

So, how would I execute this? Do I sum the array number values or something? I don't need the graph or a day view, just a sum for last 30 days and this month.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

Yes, I think you just need to sum the returned array. AFAIK the Google Data Export API does not have requests for totals. I recommend you look at these docs, so you know what is available for you.

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