I don't undestarnd what I did wrong. When I go to joomla home, I mean


(joomla wenbsite is placed in joomla15 folder)

I get an error

404 - Component not found

Yeah, I played around with components, and made some component to home menu, but now don't know how to undo it.

Can you explain me?

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Ok, I removed that error component not found by adding another menu, choosed type Contacts » Category and made it default. So now it loads when I load localhost/joomla15

So what type should I actually choose for it to be the home menu? I don't understand.

I could reinstall the joomla and see now. But if the project is big, and reinstaling it and putting everything to it from scrathc may take much time, so I want to learn solve problems without reinstaliung.


Found out by installing another joomla website - home page type had to be

Articles » Front Page


Hi I don't undestarnd what I did wrong.

Let me funny a bit about it but it is also a serious answer.

Joomla ... that is wrong

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:D then why so many people like joomla? :) I also don't like it but maybe because I don't know much about it and do simple tasks slowly?

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