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I am doing googlemap integration . Though i completed it as per my project requirements but i have very small area for displaying map.

And as we all know html window on marker have some fixed size. but i found in my reference site that they edited window size and decreased its width
link : http://www.rentwiki.com/wiki/Dallas/Metro/Apartments

I did google for same but not get any solution still. can anybody help me for same ?

Can anybody tell me how can i change Html window default height/width ?

Thanks in advance.

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See my code and data comes dynamically and there is no connection with those for InfoWindowHtml css but for sample i used code in window html like below:

// Add openwindow html on click event of marker     		GEvent.addListener(marker, "click", function() {

on markers onclick event in myHtml my html data will come and i wanna change openInfoWindowHtml css which is default htmlwindow on marker

Ask me if you want any more idea,


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find this function function createMarker(point,name,html) { at the bottom of the function you will find this html = html + '<br>Directions: <a class="a" href="javascript:tohere('+i+')">To here<\/a> - <a class="a" href="javascript:fromhere('+i+')">From here<\/a>'; Wrap the whole value in a span tag for example: html = '<span style="font-size:11px;">' + html + '<br>Directions: <a class="a" href="javascript:tohere('+i+')">To here<\/a> - <a class="a" href="javascript:fromhere('+i+')">From here<\/a>' + '</span>'; i changed the font size of the text to 11px. You can do whatever you want. Do the same changes in from_htmls and to_htmls values also.

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