I am not good at PHP or javascript, But, our club is going to start a webpage, we bought the domain. We are planned to use wordpress. I want to customise the wordpress to maximum. we want to develop the site at SNIP and i want to know which is the best theme we can use for club page.
To know more about our club go to our fan page SNIP

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As you stated you have nothing to do with programming and especially PHP you just want to use… In this forum there is a category “Configuring Readymade Scripts Forum” … maybe is better to ask there ….

Out of curiosity, how do you plan to

customise the wordpress to maximum


develop the site

without programming knowledge? That's kind of the point, you need that knowledge to customize, or you need to pay someone who has that knowledge to customize it for you.

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With EF on this one. If you don't have any programming background, you'll struggle. Most frameworks/cms use object orientated code, which can give an intermediate programmer a nosebleed. If you truly want to mod a template to the max, either you'll have to learn to code - which won't happen overnight or you'll have to employ a pro.

You can mod your site by using plugins and add-ons and custom templates, but you will soon get into difficulty if you have no inkling of the underlying html/css/php/js and the DB structure. Sorry to sound so negative, but I liken web dev to building or customizing a car.

Anybody can learn to drive a car, just as anybody can learn to use a website. You can superficially customize your car when you have buy the kit and study the installation instructions. When you want to really start building a new car from various pieces, you have two main options. Learn to become a mechanic/engineer or take it to a garage so that they can do the work for you. Either way, it'll cost you loads of time/little money or little time/loads of money.

You have to be realistic with regard to what you can achieve within your time and money constraints. All is not lost. Wordpress is a very mature piece of software and many plugins and add-ins are very easy to install and administer. You should be able to get an off-the-peg solution quite easily and then add some cool functionality for a little effort.