Hello All,

I wand Firefox to remember my password when i login in phpmyadmin.
But Firefox doesn't ask me to 'Remember password'.
When i inspect phpmyadmin form using developer tool, i done see any trick.

Secondly i also want in my website coding that when user log in Firefox don't ask for save password.How to do that?

Any suggestions?

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This isn’t sure a PHP question; this isn’t either a programming language one. It is not even a browser question … it is strictly a Firefox usage question, so why don’t you ask in Software / Web Browsers ?

Depends also on the PHPMyadmin config, there are 3 ways to login and if it uses the .htpasswd method than I don't think you can save it with Firefox, but with Chrome yes (I had this issue..)

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Do you really want to do this. Personally, I use a password db which stores all my pw's with a master pw. That way I don't forget any and I don't leave my computer open to fiddling by kids and horrible people.

If you want to use it due to convenience, that's something else. There are many reasons why password fields exist. Shortcutting to effectively not having one, even on your own PC could be disasterous.

I apologise if this doesn't address your original question.


Almost forgot:
here's the free pass keeper: http://keepass.info/ I use.

@cereal : yes you are right.. apart from phpmyadmin do you have any idea how can i can achieve it in my php login page.(i dont want user to remember password in browser)
@ardav : keepass is cool.. i will use it now onwards.

I am facing this issue again..So i am posting on this old thread.
I think its nothing related to phpmyadmin. May be my first question was unclear.
My question is how can we stop browser to ask "do you want to remember password?" when we have <input type="password" in form. Default when i enter username and password browser always ask to remember it.

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