I am using tcpdf library to create pdf files and they are password protected.Now I have a condition where I want to merge different pdf files and create a single pdf file and dipslay the multiple pdf files to the user in a single pdf file.I am having problem that I am not able to reade the content of the file.I think it is because of the password protection.Here is my code

foreach($rows as $row){


        $file= $row['reports'];
        $utf8text = file_get_contents($row['reports'], true); 

        $pdf->SetFont('times', '', 10);


        $pdf->Write(5, $utf8text); 

    $pdf->Output('doc.pdf', 'I');

Now is there any way that I can directly read the content of my pdf files or pass the password to the pdf files.Thanks in advance

Have you tried the TCPDF forum ?

No,I am going to try now.Can you send me the link of tcpdf forum.Thanks