Hi friends i was in a need of using reorderlist from ajax family. I tried a lot and was unable to do anything with please help me.


What reorderlist? And why do you need ajax??? Please explain your problem...

I Have list items in list box and i want to drag and drop them from top to bottom and from bottom to top so could u please explain how can i achieve this,

You do not need Ajax, but you do need to attach mouse event to your item element. You also need JavaScript for it.

To achieve this, first you need to design how you display a list of items. I have no idea how you would do it... Please explain how you want it to be displayed...

I just appended listitems in listbox. And i as unable to find onmouse event through aspx.

What is 'listbox'??? What type of HTML element is it? Also, mouse event I am talking about is an event on any HTML element. Normally, you could add onmousedown, onmousemove, onmouseup, etc., to your selected HTML element for the drag-and-drop.

Hi taywin i am using c# platform to run my code, And probably solved my problem with reorder list only. Thatx 4 ur reply