I haven't done any sort of development for a while, but what i'm looking for is to see a simple example of an ntier application using linq. Showing BLL, DAL with roles and membership.

I'm also keen on getting better with my OOP and would like to find a site that has console type application exercises so I can practice.

Thanking you in advance for your help.....and I hope I haven't asked for too much.

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this is good......but it does not show examples using linq and oop. I'm curious about it as some people say that you don't need to the linq acts as a DAL

I'm curious to see how it creates list of objects and how it will be called in the BLL (hope that makes sense)

Just came across this site and I have to had it to this guys he gives a nice introduction to a lot of things http://www.mrbool.com

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