Having spent the last 6-9 months getting to grips with the basics of PHP, I have inherited a number of Perl scripts. As I'm getting on with PHP and beginning to complete ever "complex" tasks, I would like to convert the inherited Perl into PHP. I am able to translate some of the more simple tasks (database connect, sessions and cookie handling, etc) but i'm struggling with others.

Are there any conversion tools in the market place to translate Perl to PHP, or do I have to go down the road of employing a specialist to complete this task for me?

Many thanks

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It might be simpler to keep using the Perl scripts as they are. Have a look at the link that provides info on using the PHP and Perl together. Never tried it but it might be a viable option.

Here is a translation guide in case you want to try some conversion:

You probably won't find a conversion program but even if you did, it's probable that it wouldn't get everything right and then you would be into some serious debugging and you would need a good understanding of Perl, PHP and what the program is supposed to do to figure it out.


Many thanks, this makes perfect sense. I've been able to translate a great deal with the conversions, and I'm finding the debug process a lot easier in PHP as I don't now Perl at all.

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