hi i have a form where we can see all values from database and in this all row having three submit button named edit,del,info and i given id of the row is primary key of database table. when i press info i want that in next page i can get its value and also identify that user press info or when user identify info button than i want to get id of the button.
please help me.
(its just like when we work with wamp server there are table data show and when i press on delte button than it will delete that data)

First of all, there's no need to start two threads for the same matter.

Second, try using <input type="button" onclick="action()" value="Button" /> instead of submit buttons. That way, you can control better the actions of each button, instead of submitting the form.

What's the difference? The type="submit" button submits the form (which means it takes the action specified in the <form action="#"> tag. The button does what you specify in the button events.

The better way is ,

create a anchor tag,

<a href="next.php?id=3{id value}"><input type="button" value="view"></a>

in that pass the id value

In the next page get the id through