Hi, im new at using asp.net and am having difficulty in displaying data onto a web page which has to be retreived from a data base. Pls can someone help?

Well, what have you tried?

Have you looked through the tutorials here on Daniweb?

Do you want to display things in a data grid, a page of scrolling text, etc?

Provide more specifics as to what you want to do, where you have had difficulties, and even sample code you have tried that is not working, and we can help you out.

Hi what i have done is that i have designed a web page displaying goods and now what i need to be able to do is to update this page by using the database. I have built a database but am unable to use it to add or delete items onto the web page itself. At the moment i have a static page which i want to make into a dynamic page.
Pls can anyone help?

Ok, well what kind of Database is it? And you have a static page, but you need to create an aspx (aspnet) page with a webform and controls to contain the data your want to display.

My advice is that you refer to a tutorial like this ASPNET Tutorials

I am willing to help, but you have to do the leg work to bring yourself up to speed as to what is required to make this work, and I can help with implementing this knowledge.

Questions / Things to Consider:
1. What Database do I plan to use? Excel Spreadsheet, Access DB, MS SQL, Oracle, etc?
2. Have I built the database tables & relationships?
3. Have I built the dynamic page (web form & add associated controls) to display the data and provide the functionality I want the page to provide?
4. What tables in the Database do I require to have my dynamic web page function?
5. Have I built the queries / stored procedures I need in the database? Or will I do everything via hard coding with in the page (not recommended past the testing stage)?
6. If yes to 5, have I tested them in the DB to insure they will return expected results?

Hope this helps

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