I'm developing a jsp web site, I'm creating a form to register school projects, the thing is that the projects can have many students in them and I want to keep the information of all of them,

so basically I want the user to tell me how many students are in the team and then display the form with the fields to all the students.

So for instance I have Name, LastName and student ID in the form but if the user selected 2 students in the team then display
Name, LastName, studentID and again
Name, LastName, StudentID

I usually develop in asp.net and with the user controls is easy but I don't have controls in jsp, i have to use the html forms.

Thanks in advance

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I found the solution

using <% %> to do a for cycle depending in the selected number of students.

I still got a question though, if you put code <% %> inside the jsp file it is considered client side code or server side code?


It is still a server side code. The users won't see it if they view source.

Ok, I understand.


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