I am creating one web application

i am using xml String with one containing xml Output to assign that temporary variable..

this my requirement

I want to transfer one xml file to another or Redirected web page

how to transfer xml file or large data to another page

i am using ViewState and Query String

i am using ViewState

but another page the viewstate value is nothing

please help how to transfer..

reply me..

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if you are redirecting to another page, and chances are that querystring is too small, you can write the info to a text or xml file. then you can call it on the other page you are redirecting to. Viewstate only works on postbacks, so you have to be on the same page calling a postback. Querystring is very limited as it only allows a certain number of characters. Your only other bet is to use a session variable which can be cumbersome if using many large ones. So unless you are only using one, and not many people at one time will be using large session variables, you would need to write it to a file and read it somewhere else.


oh, you can also use a hidden form field to carry it. but it will have to redirect to the right page on submit. if your pages change frequently, then use a session or file.

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