what i wish to do is for a visitor to my web site to be able to upload either picture of no more than 4mg and a word or pdf file of 1mg

have been able to do this in part, but i cannot get the image to show on a particular page e.g. picture_page.php.

I also wish to password the page so just anyone cannot upload anything.

i can only get text to show saying that the upload file was successful and the size of the file.

i have been thinking of sending the images to an include file and then including this file to make them show, but this seems a ball ache

would i have to create a variable for say 30 images per page and then put either a image place holder or a dynamic table or html table?

elp pls would be very grateful as i am brand new to php, and i have got to understand exactly what you can and cannot do

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You can create a profile page for an user, accessed via a session variable (if logged in). Only the user himself can upload a photo for his own profile (again determined by session variable). You store the filepath to the image in a DB for that user.

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