Hi everyone!

I'm making my own forum without any bulletin board system that is already done and all you need to install, no idea why my own to make a code made ​​by me.
At the time of creating a new topic in my forum, What me recommend the text editor where you can add files, add images etiquitas like php, etc. .. Or could there editors that can be added.
Well who can tell me some recommendations, or know some editors would be great!
Hello everyone!:)

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i think ckeditor is best for image upload or file upload but the main thing is if someone using to paste some script code then ckeditor is unable to highlight that script codes. and if you want to highlight the scripts code the use syntexhighlighter.
merge both of them the might be helpful for you.

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TinyMCE or CKEditor or Spaw2 or jWYSIWYG and many more.

I've used them all - take your pick - experiment with them all. CKEditor can be used iwth a free filing system - but it's a separate package. SPaw2 comes with its own filemanager, but it can be a bit slow.

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