... I hope I am not annoying the admins already.

Can anyone recommend me a good webserver for ASP/ASP.NET, Java and VBasic? My friend suggested Appache Webserver (I got some instructions on how to set it up but I barely know if I'm going to be able to make it work).

All the help is appreciated for this poor beginner :mrgreen:

The only web server that should be used for ASP.NET in a production environment is Internet Information Services (It's usually just called IIS). It is bundled with Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Server 2003.

Windows 2000 has version 5.0, XP has 5.1, and 2003 has 6.0. There are many advantages to using IIS6 over the other versions, but if you have the older ones, it will work fine.

For Java, I think you could get IIS to work with JSPs, but I'm not sure. Lastly, Visual Basic is a language, not a web technology. Are you planning on using ASP with that? IIS supports ASP out of the box.

I'll reply with some good book suggetions later ;-).

For what you're looking for, there is no all-in-one book. Each thing (ASP/ASP.NET/JSP, etc) has its own specific way of being installed. IIS comes with built in support for ASP, installing the Microsoft .NET Framework will give you ASP.NET support, etc...

I did a little Amazon.com searching, and the book that looked the best was, IIS 6: The Complete Reference. If ya grab the book, tell us how it is :-|.

if you go the route of IIS make sure you patch your server and keep up with the patches!

if you go the route of IIS make sure you patch your server and keep up with the patches!

I'm almost positive that IIS6 has 0 securty patches. Secure by default; who would have guessed?


0 security patches.. on what planet..

also make sure you have a firewall.. and that the smtp server that is in IIS is not left as on open relay.

you can use IIS as a base to host vertually any type of file...

if you install the .net framework after installing IIS you have have to activate asp.net manually... search and runt he file C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_regiis.exe -1

good luck

PS.. i recomend asp.net over eberything else.. and also c# not vb.net is my personal choice

I don't know about the number of patches that IIS 6 has but I do know that they only have 3 secureity problems scince it was introduced as opposed to Apaches 2.x 24. I think that is why he said there are no security patches.

Apache will run ASP.NET websites now. Check out the mono project they have some stuff for you to do with it. http://www.go-mono.com but i would suggest using IIS 6.0 Much nicer.