Hi ,
I want to access a pdf file by clicking a hyperlink using PHP.the pdf file is stored on a shared folder of a storage machine.It work with internet explorer.But with firefox and chrome its not working.Showing error on chrome as
"The loading of the URL has been blocked for security reasons."
And on firefox showing as "security error".

How to enable this on firefox and chrome?I am using xampp software.
The code I used listed below.



<a href="<?php echo $path1; ?>">PDF click</a>
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I am not so sure, but give this a try:
Maybe it's a browser based problem and in that case I can't help you but you can try and post your question here:

And if your lucky, maybe this could help:
Try changing the CMOD (the permissions) of the file and folder.
Change to 777.


It is a browser based problem.It works fine with IE.But it will not be work with other browsers.Showing security error.Is there any solutions to solve ?

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