I have a website pdf search engine called <URL SNIPPED> I don't want to provide my search engine for backlink so ,please don't remove my post,I need some help..

what is happening is the when you type "C tutorials" in search box it creates two instances like "C tutorials" and "Ctutorials" with or without space automaticall and shows results in search suggest as two options..

Any suggestions will be highly encouraged...

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SO what do you want from us, I'm confused.

SO what do you want from us, I'm confused.

So,How to correct that,I want this info,if you have please tell

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Correct what? You're being very cryptic. Do you want just one list? If so, show your code so we can see what's going on in the background.

I think this is part of your base SQL query. Perhaps try something like

select distinct(foo) as foo
from bar
where foo like '%C tutorials%';
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