hi i want to integrate my gallery with my phpbb forum. i have some instructions that came with gallery1.5 but i don't know how to do some of the steps. here is the instructions.

this a very little description what you have to do to make Gallery >=1.4.3 work with phpBB2 2.0.6 - 2.0.9

- Fresh phpBB2 installation (DID THIS)

- upload modules.php into phpBB2/ (DID THIS)

- create phpBB2/modules folder (DID THIS)

- go to the this modules folder and create link in modules folder to gallery (or install gallery here)
- cd phpBB2/modules (CAN'T DO THIS)
- ln -s /path/to/your/Galleryfolder gallery (This works only on *nix Systems) (CAN'T DO THIS)

- modify phpBB2 code
see phpBB2-manual_changes.txt or
copy the phpBB2.patch into phpBB2 folder and do 'patch -p1 <phpBB2.patch') (CAN'T DO THIS)

Done :)


Why can't you do it? You gotta post the problem.
OS? Web server?

dont know how to creat the ln -s /path/ on my server or how to apply the patch to the phpbb. dont know what kind of server am using.

thanks for your relpy

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