String concatenation is the string manipulation method when you join 2 or more strings together.
In PHP it is a quite easy task. You can use the concatenation operator which is the ‘.’ (dot). You can join 2 or more strings into one as follows:
$str1 = ‘This’;
$str2 = ‘is a’;
$str3 = ‘string’;

$full = $str1.‘ ‘.$str2.‘ ‘.$str3;

echo $full; // This is a string
Besides this you can use the operator to append a string to an existing one like this:
$str = ‘Main string’;
$str .= ‘ plus another string’;

echo $str; // Main string plus another string
If you concatenate a string with a number, the number will (automatically) be converted into a string value, so the output will be “string”:
$num = 100;
$str = $num.‘ is a number’;

echo $str; // 100 is a number

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