i just started a pascal programming class. so what i am trying to do is write a program that will allow me to change my weight (in stones) to kilograms and change my hight (in inches) to kilograms. i also need to be able to enter my name in. i have everything done perfect from what i can tell. but i keep getting this error that sais "expected but identifier write found" on line 9 colum 2.i'v been working on this through out the day but with no luck, what so ever. i did read your rules on the homework help policy so if you can't tell me what is wrong with the program then could you at least tell me what that error code means. thanks in advance

Var name: real;
weight1: real;
hight1: real;
sum1: real;
sum2: real;
write('Enter your name:');
write('Enter your weight in stones:');
write('Enter your hight in inches:');
sum1 :=weight1 * 6.63 ;
sum2 :=hight1 * 2.54;
Writeln('Your name is',name);
writeln('Your weight in kilograms is',weight2:2:2);
writeln('and your hight in inches is',hight2:2:2);

first error i see is that to readln a name you should use a char array.And you should not forget that real is for numbers ...And at the very top you should write
Program project1 (Input,Output); teling the pc you have inputs and outputs....And I thınk you should writeln instead of write....himmm thats all i see for now i don't have my compiler next to me now but i think this will work.Please inform me of the result....

yep thanks for the help. i managed to get by myself though. thanks for the help though. :) :lol: