First I have to say, Eclipse works wonderfully except for this minor problem.

I've tired looking for help on this for about a week and so far the only soluctions relate to content assist not working at all. None refer to content assist missing some major functions, libraries, classes. Some do appear but not all.

This one of many examples:
1. I try to type document.write("blah blah")
2. I first type: docu
3. Then type: <ctrl><space>
4. Either nothing will happen or the assist window will appear with "Do {}" as the only option.

Under Properties>Web>Javascript>Editor>Content Assist> I've tried fixing the problem, with no success. Important items are still missing.

Properties>Web>Javascript>Editor>Content Assist>Advanced shows the same results with all boxes checked on.

After I had completely given up I tried disabling Content assist, to see if I was even in the right menu. I unselected almost everything under:
Properties>Web>Javascript>Editor>Content Assist> and Properties>Web>Javascript>Editor>Content Assist>Advanced
with no change. I was still getting Javscript functions, classes, and other data, with some major items missing: No change. This isn't the menu I want.

So what menu am I looking for? Which is the one I need?

Thank you very much.

Sorry, if I sound frustrated in my writing.

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