I am trying to access a web service on a server that requires windows authentification.
These are the steps I'm trying to take.

1. Use script below to do window auth.

  objNTAuth = createObject("java", "jrun.security.NTAuth");

2. Then invoke my call to the web service.

I am having trouble with the windows auth part.
I have been given a username of "ABC\DEFGHI" and a password
Am I correct that the domain name is "ABC" and the username would be "DEFGHI".
If so... I don't understand how my script can access the domain.
Would the domain not have to have a url of some sort so that it knows where the server is?
Am I missing some understanding of this?

Any hints or explanations would be helpful.

Use CFLDAP tag provide required attriburts deatils

<cfinvoke method="fnAuthenticateUser" returnvariable="webServiceResult" webservice="path of ur cfc ">
<cfinvokeargument name="UserName" value="#trim(form.frmUsername)#">
<cfinvokeargument name="Password" value="#trim(form.frmPassword)#">


<cffunction name="fnAuthenticateUser" access="remote" returntype="string" output="no" securejson="true" returnformat="json"
hint="The function conditionaly validates the user credentials" description="returns the user details in serialize format">

<cfargument name="lUserName" type="string" required="no" default="">
<cfargument name="lPassword" type="string" required="no" default="">

<cfldap provide requied attributes >
do ur logic stuff here

<cfreturn UserInfo>


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