This code adds a new textarea when i press the "add" button. How do i alter the code so it can remove a textarea.

e.g. i added 4 textarea's but i only intended to add 3, how do i delete the 4th textarea?

<div id='newdiv'>
<input type='button' onclick='new()' name='add' value='Add' style='font-size:12px;' />
function new() {
var htmlText =  "<div class='container'><textarea name='reason[]' style='font-size: 10px;width:500px; height:50px;' onFocus='if(this.value==\"type more information"\") { this.value=\"\"}'>type more information</textarea></div>"; 
        var newElement = document.createElement('div');
 = 'new1'; // Give the DIV an ID, if you need to reference it later...
	 newElement.innerHTML = htmlText;

     var fieldsArea = document.getElementById('newdiv');


function takeBack(newestDivNumber)
    var one = document.getElementById('parentDiv');
    var two = document.getElementById('newestDivNumber');

Let me know if it points you in the right direction.