Hi there,
Please can someone help me!
I have recently been learning oop PHP. I have created a class for my database, which basically makes my life easier when doing queries.

I have created a "where" method which basically when used will append to the select statement.
For example:
//class I have created
$query = new MySqlDb;

//this is the where statement
$query->DbWhere("LULevel='10' && LUId='200'");

//db select statement
$res = $query->DbSelect("*", "login","ORDER BY LUFName ASC");

Now the above code works absolutely fine but the value for the where method is: "LULevel='10' && LUId='200'".

I want to neaten it up so I only need to enter the property and the value like this: "$query->DbWhere("LULevel","10","LUId", "200");" so I can use mysql_real_escape_string just on the value etc.

This is fine when it comes to maybe inputting one set of property and value like: ("LUId","200") but if you were to add more like:("LULevel","10","LUId", "200","LUName","bob") then I need the code to work out that there is more property and values which then gets appended to the select statement in a correct way.

I know that there is a way of maybe using array or array_key and combining it with for each loops etc but I can't work it out.
I have built a test function below which is on the same lines of what my method in the class does.

//test function
function where($prop, $val){
  $where = array();
  $where[$prop] = $val;
  return $where;

If you test the above function code, it will only print the first set:
Array ( [LUName] => bob )

So just to reiterate I want to be able to get all the property and values and not just the first one.

Hope someone can help!


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Hi Jat,

You could put your 'props' and 'vals' into an array and use foreach to add those to your WHERE statement. This is how I mean:

$props = array("LUName", "LUId");
$vals = array("bob", "200");
foreach($props as $key => $prop){
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This looks like a lot of work just to write a where clause. This method will not be very flexible as you can't apply operators like AND,OR,XOR,NOT, =, <>, !=, >,>=,<, <=, BETWEEN, IN etc etc. If you need something a little more complex than ... WHERE x = y AND a = b AND m = n ..., this can cause more work that it's worth.

Also, you need to FIX the datatypes to a certain parameter position, otherwise you'll encode/hash/clean the wrong parameters. Personally, I'd clean everything.

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