hi everyone,
I'm new to Ajax, can anyone please help me in creating --Dynamic dependent cascading select using Ajax.
It should not use asp .net, I need to add the code in a text field to generate this kind of cascading customized field.

eg. initially we need to populate a select list from database. Then, on selecting an option the next select list needs to get populated with corresponding values, then again on selecting..the third list needs to get populated --this should happen dynamically(with no page refresh).

Please provide suggestions/help. :(

Thanks in advance.

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Something like this ? You can see the jQuery code you need, however, you still need to provide 3 pages to return the contents as a JSON array.

Correct, I need something like this..thanks a lot, but I need to interact with database & without php can we do this.. i.e connecting to database using Ajax..?

Please help/....:'(

You need something running on the server, PHP/ASP.NET, to do the querying. Because javascript runs on the client, theoretically it would mean that all database actions could be done by anybody without you controlling it. Not recommended.

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