I used this page for making upload progress bar. I downloaded it and uploaded it to the server (you can see it here), and I signed up to Google Maps API and I pasted the code, but it doesn't work. It uploads the file, but it doesn't write the upload progress. Can somebody help me?

I found a mistake: apc_fetch(). (here's code:

if(isset($_GET['progress_key'])) {

  $status = apc_fetch('upload_'.$_GET['progress_key']);
  echo $status['current']/$status['total']*100;


This returns this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function apc_fetch() in /home/a9563441/public_html/proba/getprogress.php on line 4
Is it possible to replace it with something?

This is on the internet, and I can't put it on the internet. (anyway thanks) Any other solution?