i have a hyperlink that when i click then will show me an output of listed names.
i want to have this list arranged from A to Z in .

um using PHP.

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more info. ARe the names from a DB?
If so, use the ORDER BY clause in your sql.
If not, I'd place them into an array and sort the array.

commented: Yeh From database .. thanks buddy got it . :) +1

use the query for it...

SELECT * from table_name order by name

Please show us the script so we can assist (blank any secure info)
also is this something better done with javascript?

If you are meaning sorting the listname in array,just using ksort for array key sorting or asort for array value sorting

select * from TableName order by name ;
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oh yeh ! sorry :ooh: how i can do dat ? um quite new here :)

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