I'm looking for someone who knows Javascript well. I've posted on other forums and it appears that no one is able to help me with getting a script to work on my page.

Well, no one here can see over your shoulder, so post the script (or fragments) and a detailed question about what you are having trouble with and perhaps some of the JS gurus can give you some suggestions.

Hi, if you visit this page. Fill out the form you are presented with a thank-you.html page. I don't want this thank-you.html page to be separate I want it to load within the ID#Contact on the same page, understand?

thank-you.html is in form action so page is redirecting to there.

That is not the problem, I have got that working. I want the thank-you.html page to load within the ID.

You can not load form submission page withing specified ID.
What is the reason for that requirement?
You can design thank-you.html same as contact page and instead of form show thank texts.

The form requires that the thank-you.html page be called after the form has been submitted to tell the user that the form as been sent successfully. I've been recently told that jQuery would do it but I don't have the knowledge of jQuery hopefully someone does ?