i want to build a mini forum like the one in Yahoo!Answers. it has answer and questions. i want like that one.. i know how to use sitemaps, Validation requirements, and other basic stuff.

I thought to put all the questions and list in c# code as a Dictionary or list. so they be stored there. Once someone clicks the page, the page loads with all the list...

Basically that is the idea in a nutshell. How difficult is it to create this feature...


How much time it should take, and if i am a beginner, is it possible?

Do you have any database experience? You will probably want to store the questions/answers in a database, as well as user information if you want individuals to have their own log ins.

Design wise the site wouldn't be too bad to mimic, just doing the general design would take some time, but should be doable.

Go for it and give it a try :)

my teacher told me to follow this book:
ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution

it actually walks you through building complex things including forums ..