i know this is not a question u'll enjoy,but i am new to asp.net but i need a connectio string to start my project ,so can anybody plz tell me how to get connection string while using sql server 2005.plzz

Hello Amitha,
you can create the connection string in web.config file.
for eg:
<add key = "ConnectionString" value = "Persist Security Info=False; User ID=sa; Password=; Initial Catalog=NTBS; Data Source=(local)" />

and you can call the connection string using

thanx for your reply sushanth,i have 1 more question for u,i developed one window aoolication using firbird database as stanalone server,so when i try to do any really fast on my running application(like click on datagrig values very contineously,than my application got hangs.and run again only when i restart my machine.can u help me this case also.................?

<add name="pubsConnectionString1" connectionString="Data Source=P4C800E\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=pubs;Integrated Security=True"
providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />