In many job vacancies about software engineers,i have seen programming with PHP is a qualification.But as i know PHP is a server side scripting language.Therefore i want to know why they are looking about PHP as other programming languages like c,c++,java & etc.Please explain me......

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Hi.. Good question.. PHP is a open source technology as well as it is easy to learn and we become an expert within a short time.. and more specifically, developing a web application like websites, webprojects etc can be done easier and more faster by these open source technologies.. Not only by PHP, now-a-days Joomla, drupal and more are playing an important role for these applications. If you browse through internet, you can see lots and lots of websites for entertainment, social blog, community sites etc., has been created only by PHP with HTML and Javascript.. These open source technologies rule over now and still it grows.. Most of them not well understand this and i can say it is a good opponent for microsoft technologies..


ok......but i mean if the employers want to use PHP for their applications,why don't they hire web developers instead of software engineers.Because PHP isn't a software developing programming language.It's web programming language.Do you know anything regarding about this??

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