How to generate dynamic controls based on selecton by user?

I had appeared for one practical test recently where they had the below mentioned requirements

They had 2 calendars (asp.net default).

They had two options (radio button list) : One was "Repeat On" and another "Repeated On"

The Repeat on had 2 drop down :

1) Day Dropdown: It values were: Every, Every Other Day, Every Third Day

2) Duration dropdown: It values were: Day, Month, Week, Year

The Repeated on had 2 drop down :

1) Week: the values were First Week, Second Week, Third Week

2) Day: Sunday, Monday .... Saturday

Now when i click the first calendar's date as say August 10 2010 and second one as January 26 2011, then i wanted that dynamic calendars should be generated that would show the Calendars from August to January (inclusive of both)

For Filter purpose, if i select First Sunday (From REPEATED ON Option) then first sunday of dynamic calendars should be selected. If i select every third day then every 3rd day should be selected (in dynamic generated calendars)

What i did was : Could generate dynamic calendars by creating object of calendar class.. is that right? Plus i searched on google and they show that DayRender Event could be a possible solution but that didn't help...

How to do that? How to generate dynamic calendar?

Please let me know if question is not being understood