Hey Guys! i'm trying to start making a php based word translator. Do i need to retype every word in dictionary or is there a way to download "library" type thing, or copy and paste from sources (could not find)? thank you for your help

you want language translator?
You can use google translator for that.

I don't know whether you can find such a library. However, I think you can find some dictionaries that are written textually so that you can copy their content.
I mean you can build a simple program to organize the content you want to copy in order to put that content into a MySQL database and treat it subsequently via some other simple code.

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Which languages are you looking to translate? Will the translation be uni- or bi-directional? Also, there will be multiple translations for most words, depending on context. Maybe Freelang?

hi thanks for your reply. I'm looking to translate from english to russian