I'm not an asp .net developer although I have done web development with php and mysql, I'm more of a software developer for desktop and mobile devices. So this is my first big project with ASP .NET.

I have a question with the ASPNETDB database, understand that the database is either locked / read only .

I need to use the same database to store more information on it, with things like forum messages, threads and internal messages.

problems :
1. I can create tables to hold this information and execute sql queries on it using the sqlcmd application or the visual studio query manager but can not perform them within my web application as it gives access error or some weird response that tables can not be found.

Now I'm kind of lost when it comes to ms sql server workarounds as I have been using mysql with most of my .NET, java and php projects. I could use it still on this project but the server where I'm going to deploy the application on doesn't have mysql db available unless I pay more for a custom installation. but that's not the point.

Is the problem maybe with privileges I get with my connection string? can I use a different one which will grant me access to all my tales in this database or the only logical solution here would be use a different database for storing these?


check ms-Sql connection string FIRST for login in Database...
Data Source=(yourserver);Initial Catalog=databasename;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sa;Password=password

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