My memory informs me that this is the third time I have tried to upgrade to a 5.3 version of PHP and failed.
As best as I can tell, I am not downloading the correct combination of PHP and most likely the Apache server to get a working developing environment.
Can someone provide me with the direct correct links of the latest Apache server and name the correct file name for that install and the matching PHP binaries (the zip version, not the MSI install) on the PHP website so I can upgrade my system. I think I am getting confused with the threaded and non-threaded version to align with the OS. The correct XDEBUG binaries would also be helpful.
I am running Windows XP with the SP3 on a Dell XPS 400 computer.
I guess this question is to those individuals who have successfully installed and are running the latest Apache server and version 5.3 of PHP.

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