Hello all,

I am having an issue.
The issue being is that i have a page connecting to a database and displaying it in tables. The problem is, is that I have one column in my page where I want to do this:

<td bgcolor="#817679"><center><? echo $rows['Airport']; ?><? echo $rows['Type']; ?></center></td>

Display both rows in one cell with a space, is there an Easier Way to do this??

The other Problem I need help with is, for the Type it displays as :: Clr, Twr, Gnd, Del, Apr, and Dep.

Is there a way to find

<td bgcolor="#817679"><center><? echo $rows['Type']; ?></center></td>

the clr etc... and Replace with another Word such as Clr = Clearance? ? ?

Could someone please help? Thanks in advance. :)

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//bla bla bla
$airtype = array("clr" => "clearance","twr" => "tower", "gnd" => "Ground", "dep" => "departure"); //etc
echo $rows['airport']." ".$airtype[$rows['type']];

pulls the value from another array, perhaps

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