Hello I'm obviously new here and I need help. I've been searching all day for a certain problem and couldn't really find a solution. I'm practically a beginner in web developing and so I want to know how to generate a new url, if that makes sense. Like if I create a new blog.. how can I assign a URL to that blog?
Hope I make sense and I'm coding in VB.

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You can create a page called ".ViewBlog.aspx" and link to it with "ViewBlog.aspx?blogId=123" then parse the Request.QueryString[] to get the blog ID, fetch the blog contents from the database, and post them.

These URLs are not very attractive for SERPs so you may want to take a look at "URL Rewriting" for marketing purposes.


Thanks for replying.
How can I exactly link to it? And does asp.net routing has got anything to do with this kind of thing?

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