Hi Guys! Been away for sometime but im back now.

Im working on a website on ASP.NET. I have trouble with fitting pages within the browser window i.e i have to scroll horizontally to view all the content on the pages.

At first i thought it had to do with the browser but it happens across most that i tried on i.e mozilla, IE, chrome and Safari but again on some large monitors and machines they seem to fit. The issue is i want it to fit regardless of the browser or machine.

I have tried resizing the <div> and frames on the master pages but it only works on pages inherited from the master page. I'm forced to manually resize every other page and that is not very efficient.

Is there a script that can auto-fit these pages regardless of browsers or machines. Please help.

If you want you website to be view in all monitors you have to set the main div or body to 800px width, i actually don't use that width because now in these days a lot of people use at least a monitor with 1024 so that what i base my websites. it also depends the visitor you are expecting.

if you have any problem setting this, just post the code you have, and im sure that here in daniweb we can help you out.

As jbisono aluded to you need to find what your user's monitor Resolution is: that is what determines the amount of screen space they will have when viewing your site or anything else on their computers.

So check what their resolution is and design your site around that, obviously if your users all have the same resolution that will make life easier: if not try to make pages that look good on multiple resolutions, but be aware that making a page with no scrollbars will probably make one resolution look strange for some users.