Hi everyone. I'm trying to start a website that will host a large number of files to be downloaded. I need a download manager of some sort that will allow me to post links automatically in some sort of alphabetical order, linked to the files to directly download.

Creating html pages with links to all these files is tedious especially when I have hundreds or thousands of files. I would like to automate the process somehow.

A perl or php script would be great, but anything would help.

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Afaik, there are not many good download manage scripts available for free or commercially, the best solution you can adopt is OLATE Download Manager (free script)


Yeah, just as I have found while researching. However, I did find a pretty good one for free at www.ironclad.net/scripts. It doesn't have a whole lot of features, but it's extremely easy to use. I'll check out the OLATE Download Manager though, thanks for the tip.

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