Hi All,

I have three combo boxes in a jsp file in a form. After i select valus for the three combo boxes I click search button which is a submit button, on submit the corresponding action file is called, there I can get the values by request.getparameter("name");
I just waqnt to retain the given values in the combo selection after It get loaded from the action file.

Eg: In first select box I keep both id and value (i.E)

1 book
2 pencil.

I need to send the selected id (1,2) and return I need to show book or pencil( what ever I give as input). Please suggest me....

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First of it makes a lot of difference how you reload the initial page. If you have a link that goes from the action page to the search page, you can send the parameters back to the search page. How do you "loaded" from the action page. What do you do?

In any case, if you send the data to the search page, you can get them and have their values selected at the select boxes. The option tag has the selected='selected' attribute.

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