Hi all,

well I do not know where to start, I developed ASP.NET websites before but did not use any of the known designing tools. O just made it with a simple design using Visual Studio Toolbox . Now I have a new project where a lot of design is needed.

I found nice JQuery plugins online n I was able to view the code using Firebug , but when I copied the code to my ASP.NET page it didn't work.

Plz can anyone help me with the following points:

1. How to download JQuery ??? every time I click on download on the JQuery website I get code on the screen !!

2. If I found a plugin that has CSS with it, how can I include it ?? I need detailed explanation

3. Can anyone plz refer me some books or tutorial that can help me in this mess ??

Thanks in advance

1. if you use internet explorer, i think you will not get just text but the download option, but if you do get just text, you have to open a txt file in your computer, copy and paste the text you get in the website to your txt file and save it with the extension "js" so you will have a javascript file like jquery.js.

2. I think if you start reading the two tutorials below, you will have the answer for this question.

3. I believe jquery documentation is really nice, http://docs.jquery.com/Main_Page, and for css go here http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp