I have the below code which counts the number of visitors for my webpage. it works fine.

<a href="http://csshtmltutorial.com">
<img src="http://csshtmltutorial.com/counter.php?display=uniques&style=12100" alt="total visitors in Job Page" border="0" />

but i want to set a different counter for a particular page. that means when visitor comes to my webpage i like to know total visitors for each link they click. How do i do it?



So, are you just wanting a counter for each page, or something that tracks the links that each individual visitor clicks on?

So basically, is this site-specific or user-specific?


You can use google analytics which track all the things as you require.

Hope this help. :)

because google analytics depends on javascript and an external server, it is blocked by much ant-spyware, particularly the MSMVP Hosts file, and does not record accurately
there are several php sqsl/flatfile trackers that act solely on your server so are not blockd
I like bbclone for limited hosts, or use the logs built in to your server, if your host package gives access, there are many programs to interpret the server logs,